Property in Spain by the sea


Property in Spain on the Costa Blanca

Documents required for the purchase of real estate

   ✔ Foreign passport

We will help you:
    ✔ Open a Spanish bank account.
    ✔ Obtain the Alien Tax Number (Numero de identificacion de extranjero NIE)


Documents required for obtaining NIE

1. Questionnaire with personal data.
2. Preliminary agreement on the purchase of real estate in Spain
3. 2 3 photos on 4 cm
4. Bank statement showing the availability of necessary funds (1 / 3 part of the price of the object)

5. Receipt of payment of state duty


Documents required for opening an account in a Spanish bank:

1. Foreign passport and its copy.

2. Alien Tax Number - NIE
2. Certificate of employment stating full name, salary and position
3. Certificate 2 of personal income tax on the income of an individual.
- If you want to arrange real estate for both spouses, then you need to provide a marriage certificate and you can provide a certificate of income spouse.

4. A document confirming your place of residence - an extract from the bank or a receipt for payment of utilities (not older than 3 months).  


Documents for obtaining a mortgage in Spain

1. Certificate of employment in which are indicated: salary, period of work and position.

2. Extract from the bank of bank account movements for 3-6 months, indicating the balance.

3. Help 2 PIT for last and current year.

4. Help from the National Bureau of Credit Stories. It is taken in the credit bureau (can be ordered on the website or in the credit department of your bank.

5. A copy of the certificate of ownership of real estate in your country.

Taxes when buying property in Spain

- When buying a new building, VAT tax is 10% and 1,5% for property registration.

- When buying a second home - VAT tax 10%.

- In addition to them, you will find stamp duty, payment for making entries in the register of owners, tax on documentary registration of legal acts, notary fees. Only about 3% of the value of the object. In total, to find out the amount together with all expenses, add about 13% to the property price.


        Real estate in Spain on the Costa Blanca, the length of which is 200 km, includes apartments, penthouses, bungalows, villas and chalets, as well as comfortable apartments in new buildings.

Today, foreign buyers are quoted apartments in the southern part of the city of Torrevieja, where developers are intensively erecting high-rise buildings, using modern technologies and materials.

On average, the construction of ultra-modern residential complexes takes 1 year, with 90% new real estate sold during the construction phase.

Bungalows and chalets located along the coastline, with white sandy beaches, picturesque harbors and tourist infrastructure are also popular.

The scheme for acquiring real estate on the Spanish Costa Blanca is simple. In the case of purchasing housing from a developer, the VAT will be 10%, you will also have to pay a fee in the amount of 1,5% of the cost for the initial registration of the object and 0,5% for notarial support. Buying housing in the secondary market, the new owner also pays 10% VAT to the state budget, 0,5% of the cost will cost notary fees.



The cost of housing varies depending on the distance to the beach area. The lower price level is 30 thousand euros, the upper one is 300-500 thousand. Although many luxury real estate in Spainwhose value reaches several million euros.

All the proposed facilities are located in safe areas with excellent transport accessibility.

Apartments, villas and houses in Torrevieja

Torrevieja is a city on the Costa Blanca that is especially popular with Russian real estate investors. There are several reasons for this.


First, real estate prices in Torrevieja are the most democratic in the Spanish Mediterranean. The city is distinguished by transport accessibility, just an hour’s drive to Alicante is the nearest airport.

Secondly, the tourist season on the Costa Blanca almost never declines: on average, Torrevieja has 320 sunny days a year. The market allows you to choose budget accommodation for family vacations and at the same time for renting out to numerous tourists.

Thirdly, Torrevieja has earned a reputation as the most international and at the same time - the most "Russian" resort city in Spain. Russian citizens buy real estate here as actively as the British, Germans and Scandinavians. Almost all restaurants and cafes have Russian-language menus and bartenders, the city has a Russian radio and even a Russian-language press.