Orihuela Costa area in Spain on the south coast of the Costa Blanca

Mil Palmeras Orihuela Costa 2023  

🌊 ☀️🌴 Orihuela Costa is the southernmost part of the Costa Blanca Spain in the province of Alicante, belonging to the municipality of the city of Orihuela. This is one of the most attractive resort areas for tourists from many countries of the world for recreation, acquisition of property

Costs and taxes when buying property in Spain

Costs and taxes when buying property in Spain  

      In addition to the basic price of property in Spain, there are a number of additional costs when registering a property. The bulk of these expenses are taxes to the state.

Costs for obtaining a mortgage in Spain
Costs for obtaining a mortgage in Spain        The approximate cost of registering property in Spain as a property with a mortgage is about 15% of its value. You can find more details on the costs of obtaining a mortgage in Spain in this article.
La Zenia area in Spain on Orihuela Costa
Sunset at sea in Spain La Zenia 06   🌊 ☀️🌴 La Zenia is one of the most popular areas in Orihuela Costa, south of the province of Alicante. Many people are happy to come here not only on vacation, but also choose this area for permanent residence when moving to Spain.
Summer in Spain June, July, sea, beaches, beautiful nature

 Spain sea beaches of Cabo Roig and Campoamor 01 ☀️🌊🌴 The beautiful nature of Spain in the summer in June - July, the azure bays and sandy beaches of Cabo Roig and Campoamor, marked with the blue flag of UNESCO for cleanliness, safety and livability. Beautiful high quality photos of Spain. 👍

Video presentation of apartments in Spain on the Costa Blanca

 Property in Torrevieja 2021 del Cura beach    

      🔥 Video reviews of property in Spain on the Costa Blanca.

1. Studio in Torrevieja for 46 900 € 200 meters from the sandy beach del Cura.

2. Large apartment with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms 50 meters from the sea at a price of 87 €.

3. New apartments from the developer with 2-3 bedrooms in a new building - a modern residential complex with a swimming pool, spa complex and a gym with golf courses. 🇪🇸 🌞 🏝

Property in Spain on the Costa Blanca, video reviews

Property in Spain Torrevieja  

🇪🇸 🌞 🏝 We present to your attention a video presentation of properties in Spain in the south of the province of Alicante, in the area of ​​Torrevieja and Orihuela Costa. The cost of housing is from 40 thousand euros. The reviews present both secondary and new properties on the Costa Blanca. 🔥🔥🔥.

Best golf courses in Spain on the Costa Blanca
golf courses in Spain property villas 01    When thinking about buying a property in Spain, be sure to pay attention to the Orihuela Costa, which stretches along the coastline for 20 km. It is rightfully considered one of the most environmentally friendly. The resort area is equipped with many modern comfortable beaches and has a well-thought-out infrastructure. But Orihuela's greatest asset is of course the impressive golf courses!
The coast of the sea of ​​Spain in winter, the beaches of Campoamor, Cabo Roig, La Zenia
Campoamor beach in winter Spain is one of the most popular destinations among residents of Russia and European countries. Their choice is explained simply - here you can buy housing with a good repair, and get a European level of service and comfort as a bonus. And property buyers, as well as tourists, are attracted by the mild climate, beautiful nature and many equipped places for excellent beach recreation and relaxation, and in many cities of the country.