The resort town of Benidorm is a cozy corner for life and relaxation in sunny Spain!

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        Desire to buy property in Spain many citizens of our country appear not only in connection with the relatively affordable prices for apartments, apartments and houses. A sunny, warm country attracts with the opportunity to organize a comfortable place to relax and live, work or do business in the country.

What is unique about Benidorm?

        Benidorm is distinguished from most Spanish resort cities by the presence of a huge number of high-rise buildings equipped with modern beaches. The city itself, as well as its suburbs Finestrat belong to one of the popular tourist centers.

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        The city is located on the Costa Blanca not far from another tourist and infrastructural center - Alicante. It often attracts tourists due to its incredibly active nightlife: large-scale concerts are regularly held here, there is a huge number of clubs and casinos. From here it is very easy to get to Ibiza: just get to Denia and change to the high-speed ferry. The road to Denia along the AP7 motorway by car takes only half an hour.

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        Benidorm has one of Terra Natura’s large natural parks. , has its own water park "Aqualandia Benidorm", amusement park "Terra Mitica".

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Features of life in Benidorm

        From May to mid-October, the city is significantly replenished with tourists. Because of this, most central beaches are filled with people. However, this does not create discomfort, because the beaches have a large area, are very well-groomed and are able to withstand the influx of tourists.

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        The total length of the beaches on the coastline of the city is 8 km.

        Property in Benidorm in demand among Europeans and Russians at any age. Most often they buy apartments in the city for moving to permanent residence. There is also a huge fund of rental space for tourists.

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        The infrastructure of the city itself, as well as the suburban area, is well developed. There are grocery stores on every corner here, and the “Mercadona” supermarket chain is popular.

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        There are no problems with moving around the city: public transport is presented by comfortable buses, the fare in which is only 1,5 euros.

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Benidorm is called Spanish New York

Benidorm - the territory of comfort

        The sun shines more than 320 days a year in the Spanish city. Despite the rains being rare, the climate on the Costa Blanca improves well-being. In summer, the average temperature in the region is around 30 ° C. In winter, the thermometer rarely drops below + 10 ° C. Swimming in the sea is comfortable already from mid-May until the end of October.

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Weather in Benidorm, Spain