El Limonar International School Villamartin is a prestigious private international school in Spain, located in the Villamartin urbanization of the Orihuela Costa region in the south of the Costa Blanca.

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    👍 The school was founded in 2000 and since then it has become one of the most respected schools in the region, attracting students from all over the world. The school provides education in English, with the option of learning Spanish as a second language.

    ✅ The curriculum of the school is based on the British model of education, which covers kindergarten, primary school, secondary school and high school. The school is accredited by Cambridge International Examinations and is a member of the International Association of Schools (COBIS).

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   ⭐ One of the main principles of El Limonar International School Villamartin is to create a comfortable and safe educational environment that helps each student achieve their potential. The school encourages the active participation of students in the learning process and provides many opportunities to participate in sports, artistic and cultural activities.

    🏠 One of the main goals of the school is to prepare students for international exams such as IGCSE and A-levels. The school has an excellent level of student performance in international exams and is one of the most prestigious schools in the region.

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     El Limonar International School Villamartin also provides student exchange and international travel opportunities, allowing students to immerse themselves in other cultures and improve their language skills.

    🏡 The school employs highly qualified teachers who have extensive experience working in an international environment. The school also has state-of-the-art teaching materials and infrastructure, which include state-of-the-art classrooms, laboratories, sports fields and a library. The school also hosts regular cultural events and exhibitions where students can showcase their creativity.

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   🇪🇸  El Limonar International School Villamartin embraces diversity and inclusion, which is why it has many students from different countries and cultures. This creates a unique educational environment where students can interact and learn from each other.

    ✔️ In addition, the school also has an after-school program that includes sports and art clubs, as well as a homework assistance program. These additional programs help students develop their interests and skills outside of the classroom.

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     El Limonar International School Villamartin is a great place for those who are looking for a quality education in English in Spain. It provides a unique educational environment where students can receive international education, prepare for international exams and develop their creative and athletic abilities.

    ✅   Education at El Limonar International School Villamartin is conducted in several languages, including English, Spanish and French. The language program of the school is aimed at teaching students in many languages ​​in order to provide them with the opportunity to become multilingual and adapt to the international environment.

    ✅   English is the main language of instruction and students study it at all levels of education. The school also offers Spanish tuition for all students and French as an additional language. In addition, the school has the opportunity to study some other languages, such as German, which makes it multilingual and helps students develop communication skills in different languages.

    👍 In general, the El Limonar International School Villamartín language program helps students acquire international communication skills and prepare them for a career in a global world.

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    ⭐ Education at El Limonar International School Villamartín is paid. The cost of education may vary depending on the level of education, the age of the student and the length of the school year.

     The official website of the school shows prices for the 2023-2024 academic year. The cost of education in primary school (from 3 to 11 years old) is from 8 euros per year, and in secondary school (from 080 to 11 years old) - from 18 euros per year. Additional expenses may include fees for textbooks, meals, and extra activities.

     But it is worth noting that the prices for studying at El Limonar International School Villamartin may vary from year to year and may be different for different classes and courses.

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