Features of obtaining a golden visa Spain

        Changes in legislation introduced by the Spanish government in 2013 have opened up new perspectives for foreigners to obtain residence permit in Spain. In addition to the simplified registration of the right to live in this country, a so-called golden visa for investors appeared.


Requirements upon receipt

        Golden visa to Spain guaranteed to be issued if at least one of the following conditions is met:

  • purchase luxury property in Spain with a total value of at least 500 thousand euros. It can be one or more housing objects, including residential, industrial, commercial premises, land plots, dilapidated buildings. The document confirming property rights is issued by the property register;
  • opening a bank account or buying shares for at least € 1 million;
  • government loan in the form of purchase of bonds in the amount of more than € 2 million.


        The sources of the investor's funds should not be in doubt. It is also permissible to have a mortgage loan in the amount of the investment threshold (€ 500 thousand), issued in any country except Spain.

        The applicant must be an adult, without a criminal record and denied entry to any of the states of the Schengen Agreement. In addition, the necessary funds for living in the country and the availability of health insurance.

        Assessing adequately their financial capabilities, it is worth submitting a petition to the appropriate authorities. If you are not sure about the correct execution of documents, it makes sense to contact specialists who provide assistance in obtaining a golden visa.

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        The holder of a gold visa has advanced opportunities to develop a business, get an education and generally arrange their lives in accordance with their own preferences.

        What it means:

  • for the period of validity of the visa, and this is 1 year, unlimited stay in Spain;
  • a gold visa can be issued not only to the investor, but also to family members, adult children and dependent parents, common-law spouses;
  • There is no need to acquire tax residency status in Spain;
  • free movement and stay for 3 months in the Schengen zone;
  • the possibility of employment in Spain since the receipt of the golden visa.

        In addition, the investor does not need to enter the Kingdom in the first trimester from the date of receipt of the visa and to comply with the condition of a minimum period of stay in the country.