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           When thinking about buying a property in Spain, be sure to pay attention to the Orihuela Costa coastline, which stretches along the coastline for 20 km. It is rightfully considered one of the most environmentally friendly. The resort area is equipped with many modern landscaped beaches of Spainhas a well-thought-out infrastructure. But Orihuela’s greatest asset, of course, is its impressive golf courses!

           Golf in Spain on the coast of Orihuela Costa was not born by chance. Mild local climate and great weather allows you to engage in this elite sport here almost the whole year. In the area there are a huge number of golf clubs, including titled ones. World championships are regularly held here.


           One of the most popular golf courses in Spain. It was founded back in 1972. The length of its fields is more than 6 km. During the game on the 18-hole course, golfers have the opportunity to admire the gorgeous scenery of the Mediterranean coast. "VillaMartin" is famous for the fact that it often hosts world-class golf competitions, gathering stars from all over the world.

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        Property in Villamartin is very popular, and prices start at 80 euros. 

✅ Golf property in Spain, penthouse in Villamartin next to the golf club

Las Colinas Golf & Country Club

           The total area of ​​the fields of this club is about 330 hectares. The club is equipped with an 18-hole classic course, located in the valley of a green conservation area. If you plan not only to play golf in Spain, but also to relax, pay attention to the private beach club "Las Colinas", located on the coast. In our catalog you can also see luxury property in Las Colinas.

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Vistabella Golf

           One of the modern golf clubs of Orihuela Costa. For the first time they heard about him only after opening in 2009. On the coast is considered one of the most fashionable. The development of the fields for him was done by Manuel Pisera.

Sierra Cortina Pitch & Putt

           Spanish Golf ClubSierra Cortina"Is located near the Sierra Hellas Mountain. Its fields are buried in the greenery of the surrounding forest. Has 18 holes with 3 pairs each. Artificial lakes are successfully incorporated into the landscape of its fields.

Las Ramblas

           The courses for this famous Spanish golf club were designed by Pepe Gancedo, a world renowned sports designer. The Ramblas fields are located on steep hillsides, surrounded by tall Mediterranean pine trees and delightful streams. Walking through the lawns from hole to hole is quite difficult: you have to often change clubs, choosing your type for each zone. This provides the game with special fun and excitement. Las Ramblas fields are over 5,7 meters long. They have 18 holes for 71 pairs.

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Club de golf javea

           The fields of this club are located near a huge pine forest. This provides an especially favorable microclimate for practicing one of the most elite sports. In total there are 9 holes for 72 pairs. The total length of the territory for the game here is just over 3 km.

Real club de campoamor

           ClubCampoamor”Opened back in 1988. The length of the fields here is more than 6 thousand km. The institution is certified by the Royal Golf Federation, information about which is available on its official website. By the way, it was Real Club de Campoamor at the very beginning of the 21st century that managed to obtain the status of a club for experienced players.

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La manga club

           It was this Spanish golf club that won an award from the Royal Family two years ago. And deservedly so, because the level of customer service and the quality of the fields here are beyond praise. In total, La Manga houses three 18-hole courses, each of which was developed by famous golfers and designers - Dave Thomas, Arnold Palmer and Robert Dean Putman. The club is rightfully recognized as one of the best European golf centers. Here you can not only enjoy the game itself, but also complete a full golf course with a team of experienced instructors.

Hacienda del alamo golf resort

           The development of an 18-hole field with 72 pairs was done by eminent designer Dave Thomas. The venue is ideally integrated into the natural landscape of the club: there are many strategic obstacles on the field, which makes the game especially exciting. The territory of the club itself is surrounded by greenery. Great place to play and relax!