Spain attracts tourists with its sandy beaches, warm sea, the beauty of neat little streets and the grandeur of medieval castles. In this country you can admire luxurious vegetation, mountain landscapes and salt lakes. One of them is the pink lake in Torrevieja in Spain. This is a reservoir of unusual color, the beauty of which attracts flows of tourists.


Nature and microclimate of the lake

            The lake is located in the conservation area in the south-eastern part of the country. This amazing place is called Salinas de Torrevieja. The wonderful pink hue of water is explained by the presence of microalgae rich in beta-carotene.


            Its intensity depends on the time of year and day and can vary from pale pink to lilac and even raspberry. Crustaceans, whose diet includes algae, also acquire a pink hue. Landscapes of the valley may seem fantastic. The white salt shores contrast with the colored surface of the lake, along the shores of which pink flamingos walk.

pink flamingos in spain

            In the winter months, air temperature is higher than in other areas of the Mediterranean coast of Spain. But in the summer there is no heat and sweltering heat. Due to the unique microclimate in the area numerous species of birds live, some of which are listed in the Red Book.



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The healing properties of the pink lake in Spain

            Algae growing on the bottom saturate the water with useful trace elements. In addition, Salinas de Torrevieja is the largest European source of salt. Healing salt water has a beneficial effect on health, helps with cardiovascular diseases, diseases of the skin and joints. Blue, white and black mud can be used as a means for spa treatments. Tourists are happy to use the opportunity to apply a therapeutic composition to the skin. It is planned to build a balneological resort on the lake, but for now you can use the gifts of nature for free.


Interesting and useful facts

            The depth of the Pink Lake does not reach one meter. But even if the lake were deep, it is impossible to drown in it: the water saturated with salt pushes to the surface. The water is oily and feels like jelly. When visiting the lake, consider:

1. After bathing, a whitish coating remains on the skin, which must be washed off with fresh water.
2. It is not recommended to go into the lake if there are wounds on the body: if it enters them, salt will pinch.
3. Salt crystals cover the shore and bottom of the lake, so you need to worry about special shoes in advance.


4. There are separate areas for swimming. Calls to unauthorized locations may result in fines.
5. Beach infrastructure is missing. There are no showers or changing cabins.


            Tourists who come to Spain like to explore city sights, sunbathe on endless beaches or visit bullfighting. One of the strongest impressions can be a trip to the salt lake in Torrevieja, the beauty and uniqueness of which will not leave anyone indifferent.

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The location of the pink lake on a map of Spain
From Torrevieja you can reach the salt lake via the CV-905 highway from the El Chaparral urbanization. Or, on the other hand, through the urbanization of Los Balcones on the CV-95 road